Van Hai’s story begins with an encounter between our founders – experts operating for nearly 20 years in the field of foreign trade – logistics. An encounter of people of seniority, yet they are filled with a burning passion for the profession they have been attached to for years.
However, they are uncomfortable with the way this foreign trade – logistics industry is being operated, in terms of building core values.
There are so many organizations that focus only on increasing productivity and revenue, and their biggest goal is profit, not bringing value to customers.
Besides, some customers are exporters but don’t know anything more than their products, therefore they are confused when they don’t know how to bring their products to the world.

And the question raised here is: what can we do to change this situation, how to create positive results, how to satisfy the growing needs of our customers, and how can Vietnamese logistics enterprises reach further and compete fairly with foreign enterprises?

In that way, as great minds think alike, the idea of ​​a “revolutionary” enterprise was generated. This enterprise must be a place where we can help and give away more knowledge and experience gained from a very long and valuable process of accumulation. A place where customers can put their full trust in the business, a place where giving value is the guideline for all actions, a place – instead of “benefiting from customers”, we ” bring benefits for customers”.

And since then, Van Hai was born.

Let us become your companion. Let mutual trust develop so that we can “join hands” for your success, and that achievement will again be a great highlight for our story. Since Van Hai, is born for you.


“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” Let us become your companion, giving each other trust so that we can "join hands" for your success, and that achievement will again be a great highlight for our story. By Van Hai, born for you.