Recently, China is implementing a blockade policy to contain the epidemic. Not outside the regulations, the blockade of Shanghai port caused a lot of impacts on Logistics enterprises in the world in general and Vietnam in particular. Let’s find out the situation with Van Hai Group through the following article.

Cảng Thượng Hải – Wikipedia tiếng Việt

Port of Shanghai – Source: Vietnamese wikipedia

Shanghai has been under lockdown since 5 a.m. local time yesterday (March 28), with areas east of the Huangpu River starting a four-day blockade. After that, areas west of the Huangpu River will be locked down for four days. During the blockade, people will be banned from leaving their homes and public transport will be suspended.

While  Shanghai Port  asserts that the port will remain open throughout the blockade, Linerlytica analyst Tan Hua Joo told Container News that the blockade will further increase port congestion.

“Exports will be cut as factory production is affected while ports remain open,” Tan said. However, based on what was observed during the lockdown in Shenzhen, port operations were affected by the shortage of manpower, so an increase in port congestion is expected.”